HOW-TO GUIDE: Wooden Chopping Board Care (Maintain and Clean)

25th May 2021

HOW-TO GUIDE: Wooden Chopping Board Care (Maintain and Clean)

There are a few dos and don'ts when it comes to caring for your wooden chopping board / cutting board or serving board. Not everyone knows the best way to go about it. Here's our quick guide to get you in the know!


DO... apply warm water to your board, and scrub with a sponge (or use a scrubbing brush for a thorough job). Then, apply a mild detergent, or try our specially made, organic Chopping Board Soap to help you get the best results. Wipe off moisture and let it dry evenly.

For an extra clean that can help remove lingering stains or smells, try making foam from washing up liquid, add some rock salt and a squeeze of lemon, gently rub it around, then remove the moisture with a cloth before drying evenly.

DON'T... put your board in a dishwasher or it leave submerged in water; the wood will weaken and warp! If all sides of your board are damp and it doesn't have feet, don't leave any edge flat against a surface while it dries. Instead, stand the board on a drying rack.

A chopping board by our customer Chris Stiles

Food-Safe Protection (Important)

Wood treatments protect wood from absorbing moisture, which can lead to cracks and even rotting. An oil or wax finish can be applied to your board to ensure prolonged protection.


Once your board is dry after cleaning...

Food-safe Oil finish: Brandon Bespoke's Pure Mineral Oil will soak into the grain of the wood, offering protection all over the board and leaving no spaces for liquid to seep in. The fact that it is completely food-safe means that it won't contaminate the food with toxins, stains or odours! Find out how to apply Pure Mineral Oil:

Food-safe Wax finish: Also food-safe, Brandon Bespoke's Wax Treatment offers a solid layer of waterproof protection. Our Wax Treatment works great by itself, it can also be applied after a coat of Mineral Oil has dried for double protection! Find out how to apply our Wax Treatment:

DON'T... apply olive oil for protection, as this can turn rancid over time.

We hope this quick guide is helpful! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about caring for your wooden items!